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PEGASUS S.A. Rent a Car is an organized and reliable company in the field of car and scooter rentals. It is the best choice while visiting the island of Mykonos that satisfies your needs and budget.

Mykonos is an island full of natural beauties and interesting sites you should definitely visit. PEGASUS S.A. Rent a Car provides you everything you need in order to explore the island of Mykonos, discovering and enjoying the most of the island’s beauty. Select one of our cars or scooters to wonder around the archaeological sites, the sunny beaches and feel the vibes of Mykonos nightlife.

PEGASUS S.A. car rental offers you safe and new brand cars and scooters, high quality services and useful information that will make your holiday in Mykonos the vacation of your lifetime. The Pegasus rental agency provides competitive rates, the finest services and the safest and most reliable cars and scooters.

Our aim is to provide flexible personalized services that will satisfy your needs fast and reliable. Pegasus Smile will welcome you at the port or airport of Mykonos free of charge.At our office you will find the newest and safest cars, all of which are ideal for comfortable and relaxed touring around the island of Mykonos.

Our experience of many years in the car market, guarantees that your holidays on Mykonos Island will be absolutely unforgettable!

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Pegasus S.A. car rental is not just a service, is freedom to move… freedom to choose!

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