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-est. since 1988-

Pegasus S.A. Rent a Car is an established and reliable company in the field of Car, Motorbike & ATV rentals since 1988. Its premises are right before the entrance of Mykonos Town, at the busiest crossroad, where everyone who visits the famous old town known as “Chora”, starts their walk from there.

Mykonos Island is a unique place with natural beauty and interesting areas, inviting you to explore it once you arrive! Visit us and find out about our wide variety of vehicles and the best choice available for a full exploration of Mykonos Island.

Pegasus S.A. Rent a Car offers safety, reliability, and prestige with new-branded Cars, Motorbikes, and ATVs, high-quality services, and useful information that will make your vacation in Mykonos the most memorable one!

Our Car Rental Team aims to provide flexible, personalized services that will satisfy your needs to the fullest, inform you of the most competitive prices and provide reliable service when choosing to rent from us, whether it is a Car, a Motorbike, or an ATV.

Pegasus S.A. Rent a Car provides you with the best choice of vehicle matching your needs, to explore Mykonos, discover, and enjoy the Cycladic beauty. Feel free to choose from our Cars, Motorbikes, and ATVs and wander around all the areas of the island, visit your favorite beach bars and restaurants along the sunny beaches, no matter how far they are.

Our experienced in the car rental market team guarantees that when it comes to your transportation, your vacation on Mykonos Island will be unforgettable!

Get the feeling of freedom…

Pegasus S.A. Rent a Car is not just a service, it is the freedom to choose… the freedom to move!



About Mykonos…an island of beauty and luxury!


Welcome to Greece’s most famous and cosmopolitan island, a whitewashed paradise in the heart of the Cyclades!

Mykonos is known as the island of the winds. It was named after the hero Mykonos, son of Anios, King of Delos, who was born to the god Apollo and the nymph Reo. According to the myth, this is the place where the giants slain by Hercules were buried and that is why the island is strewn with big rocks.

Mykonos is known as the ultimate, luxurious vacation destination, with one of the most vivid nightlife in Europe. People from all over the world arrive each summertime to enjoy the Greek Mediterranean delicacies, swim in the blue waters, walk through the sandy beaches, and experience the unique nightlife all over the island’s nightclubs. Famous DJs are playing music from different backgrounds and Hollywood stars choose Mykonos for their summer vacation. Many activities are available, such as chartering a yacht and visiting the nearby islands, including the world-known Delos Island and its ancient Greek archaeological sites, going on a safari tour with ATVs, or choosing to go horse riding! Wine and olive oil tasting are some activities for those who prefer something with less adrenaline. In any way, boring is not a word describing Mykonos Island and everyone realizes it once visiting!

Whether you are an entertainment personality or you prefer a calmer and more relaxed vacation, Mykonos will certainly meet your expectations. The only thing left to do is rent your vehicle from us and explore this marvelous place from one edge to another!

Thank you for choosing Pegasus S.A. Rent a Car!

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